Logo Design for a New Tax Platform by OMdeSIGN Studio



Taxes, don’t you just love them? No, of course you don’t, nobody does, which is why Taxa.. was created. Their aim was to present an online platform capable of rendering the complexity of the Tax Code in plain English, interactive images and user-friendly schemes. In other words, to stop talking Tax, and start talking human.



Taxa..  asked OMdeSIGN London design studio to help with their branding and we were only too happy to say yes. They wanted something that embodied simplicity and quality, something that would cut through the fog of Tax law and reach out to the kind of wealth creators who realise that time is money and solutions save time.



We worked with Taxa..  to create a logo and brand which was authentic and minimalist whilst capturing an ethos of trust and simplicity. The inspiration was the cool logic of a chess game, an environment, just like tax affairs, in which rules matter and success depends upon playing by them. The image of the rook embodied a sense of security and trust, whilst the subtle colour scheme conveyed a feeling of calm. The logo was distinctive yet understated, immediately creating a stress free mood and the certainty that if Tax was a problem, then Taxa.. was the answer.

For more examples of our design work visit: https://www.omdesign.co.uk/our-work/


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